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How writing can make you happy

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Writing helps you to put your thought to paper. It provides a place, a tangible space for you to let yourself go, let your thoughts go, let them fly...

In my Shitty poem, I talk about how writing makes my fingers tingle, till the words fly like an eagle through the landscape of my mind, as it flies by that last thought and, into an epiphany...writing for me feels just like that.

Writing allows you to express pain and stress into a formal release that is wrung out in every word you commit to paper

Writing can improve your mood, your reasoning, your ability to identify yourself. Writing makes you self aware, it's the avenue to becoming woke...

Writing about your future goals, help make your dreams come true

Writing about your gratitude, makes your successes more salient and satisfying

Writing leads to better communication and thinking

Writing helps you to be more intimate in your relationships

Writing helps you to be more persuasive and find the words that are always on the tip of your tongue

Writing helps you to develop logical functions and reasoning

Writing can help you handle and overcome trauma

Writing keeps your mind sharp

Writing helps you to count your blessings

Writing helps your mind to defragment itself

Writing improves your ability to learn

Writing helps you to be courageous

I used to be ashamed of my thoughts, my life experiences. I would write and erase and write, then erase my words and comments. I used to be ashamed of my thoughts, I used to think that no one cared to read them. I believed that I was just a whisper in a din of voices and so I would erase my contribution for fear of being irrelevant.

I'm not doing that anymore.

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