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Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

The ultimate protection stone. 


Also known as Schorl, ancient magicians used Black Tourmaline as a protection stone to cast out earth demons and enhance their protection spells. The stone is known today as a talisman of protection that creates a psychic shield that can dispell negative frequencies, intentions, destructive forces and protect the wearer from negative energy in the vicinity. 


Physically, the stone is said to guard against radiation and environmental pollutants. This makes it excellent to place near computers, in an office space and near electronics. Other uses are to place in a salt water bowl by your front door so that it can cleanse the energy of those who enter the home. It is not unusual to have stone for everyone who lives in the home if you choose to do this. Each stone must be embued and asked by the owner to lend its energy of protection.  This ritual can also be used inside the home to harmonize and ward off negative energy within your home. It is also useful to purifying and neutralizing your own negative thoughts and internal conflict, turning them into positive and beneficial energy. The stone can also act as a poweful energy protector that you can magnify when placed in the four corners of a room or property.


Black tourmaline is also one of the most powerful stones to help with anxiety. Holding the stone can help to calm and relax the wearer during tomes of fear and uncertainty.

Warning: This stone will break when it has reached it's limit of negative frequencies or come in to contact with too much negative force or intention. 

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