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Titanium Quartz - The Stone of Universal Light

Titanium Quartz - The Stone of Universal Light

Formally known as Titanium Aura. This stone is a form of quartz that is combined with titanium, also known as the metal of power. The combination produces a stone that is beautfiul and hard to look away from . 


The healing properties of this stone are amplified so that along with the vibration of the quartz, the colors also assist with putting you in a meditative trance that will further aids healing desired. This is one of the stones known to improve and aid the human energy field with rejvunation and strength. 


This stone is also known to work on the auric field to release energy blockages facilittating deep meditation. It is during these sessions that one is said to receive transcendant forms of spiritual equalizing. This crystal's vibrant energy cannot be denied. When one first lays hands on it, the excitement and joy it brings just from admiring it, is felt long term and easily remembered. 


This stone has been used to assist with:

  • Meditation
  • Stimulating Kundalini Energy through crown chakra 
  • Removing energy blockages that impede creativity
  • Used to activate physical energies and movement
  • To enhance clairvoyance practices
  • Activating the Rainbow Body
  • Assist with gaining insight and healing to dysfunctional relationships


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