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The communication stone. 


It's easy to get lost in the tuqouise-blue and brown tones of this stone. It's made up of a hydrated copper phyllosilicate mineral and as such is a great conductor of energy. It is a stone of expression, empowerment and teaching. This stone helps to discharge negative energy and calms the spirit. Staring into its blues and greens will put the wearer at ease and soothe the soul.


Chrysacolla is a peaceful stone and helps conflict dissipate so that truth can be allowed to rise to the surface. The stone is known to impart inner wisdom in its wearer and allow it to surface and be heard during times of conflict, both internal and external. Due to its peace enhhancing abilities it can be used to emphasize the power of our words and actions by encouraging compassion and strengthening empathy. It is an excellent stone to assist those in the mediation fields, such as counselors and conflict resolution specialists in any field. 


*At this time, this stone is scarce in my city, thus the price. Once it is more available prices will go back down. 

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