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A stone of personal power. 


Opalite is a manmade stone, made of metal and mineral dolomite to give it the iridiscent sheen. It is widely used to harness and increase the personal power of the wearer. It has been said to boost your self-esteem and improve your sense of self-worth. It acts by revealing your inner strength and connect you to your deeper feelings. 


Opalite is known as an all-round healing stone. It has also been said to enhance sexual experience and increase sexual prowess.


Other effects also include: stabilising mood swings and helping to overcome fatigue. Opalite has also been known to assist its wearer with change and managing the effects of change, especially when you are not ready for it. As a result of its ability to help the wearer connect to deeper feelings, the stone can also be used to improve communication on different levels.  

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