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A protective stone. Liquid light.


Selenite acts as a shield from outside influences. It will protect your space and the wearer by evoking protection from the all consciousness while dispelling negative energy. It is said the stone is so powerful it can assist its wearer to connect with one's guides, ancestor, guardians, the Christ Consciousness, Higher Self etc.  It can be used to grid your home or a specific room (in the corners) to create a safe feeling and peaceful space. It can also enhance the energies of other stones by cleansing them and replacing fragmented energy with calm and steady influences. 

Using this stone as part of a meditative practice has been known to aid in removing blockages to past traumas, including childhood and some people even claim it helps to access past and future lives.  This is likely because Selenite helps to bring mental clarity, clearing confusion and revealing the bigger picture behind any problem.

Selenite has also been used as a good luck charm and for protection. It vibrates with a clear and open frequency that can activate the Crown and Higher Chakras and can be used  with your spiritual work. It can also be used to strengthen your memory. 

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