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All about Pluto: my favorite Dwarf Planet

Rules: Scorpio and the 8th house

Exalted in: Aries

Detriment in: Taurus

Fall in: Libra

Changes Zodiac Signs: Every 12-20 years

The Dwarf Planet governs:

  • Power (and power struggles)

  • Sex

  • Death and the afterlife

  • Transformation, reinvention, regeneration

  • Wealth, inner resourcefulness

  • Unconsciousness, hidden gifts


  • Abuse of power, manipulation

  • Obsession, secrecy, jealousy

  • Destruction, violence, resentment

Let's talk about it

Pluto has had one tough time the past few years. First the planet was demoted, and then in typical Pluto fashion has been rebirthed as indeed a planet within the last few years ago. When it comes to astrology, the outer generational planets get a lot of accusations for not being important when analyzing your natal chart and not that important at all when looking at synastry and composite charts. I could not disagree more. In fact, I would even go as far as to say that Pluto is THEE relationship planet and we should all pay close attention to those aspects in synastry and composite interpretations. But before I talk about relationships, allow me to break down the effect and influence Pluto has and how exactly it affects our natal chart frequencies.

Pluto is the planet of transformation. It is the planet that rules Scorpio and the 8th house which means that it brings with it all the darkness, and occult of the underworld in its most instinctual state. At its most evolved stated, it brings with it all the spirituality and evolution of the Phoenix. Pluto achieves this through the frequency of rebirth and transformation. Pluto wants nothing more than to get you to sink into the deepest abyss of your core and find yourself. Ever heard of shadow work? Pluto is the CEO of shadow work, the 8th house is the COO and Scorpio is a lowly AVP trying to make it to the top.

Look for the sign and house position of Pluto at your time of birth. This will show you the area of your life where you will personally face off with the intense powers of this planet. This will look like both intense creativity and destruction. Pluto is the first toxic lover you have ever had. Except Pluto really wants you to grow, Pluto really wants to see you evolve into the phoenix it knows you can be. If you resist the influence of this planet, you will find that that those suppressed primal urges and needs find a way at all costs to be released. This is why you must do your shadow work.

Please note, at this point I think it necessary to mention that Pluto’s energy cannot be suppressed, only delayed. Pluto is the planet of your hidden power. Pluto’s energy of transformation is so pure that working in tandem with this planet will help you to surrender to becoming a new person. Those who choose to resist this will enter the ultimate battle royale between their Ego vs their greatest fears of being destroyed vs the deepest and most significant longings of their heart. If you can face this planet, I promise you that you will emerge a whole new person, secure and confident in your new found power.

Pluto governs power itself. Think all the power issues that we have seen highlighted this year with the Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter conjunction. I wrote about this earlier this year in this essay. It governs struggles between people, countries, issues around domination of others and personal power.

So why do I refer to Pluto as the relationship planet?

Because of the power dynamics it brings about. Even when you have harmonious Pluto aspects like Venus/Ascendant/Sun/Moon trine/sextile Pluto, these can be challenging. Ever heard of the Twin Flame connection? Well despite what many people claim, this is still a very rare connection to find. Yet everyone claims to have found their twin flame. Do you know why? It’s likely the above Pluto aspects. See even these Pluto aspects can create intense experiences, an unforgettable sexual connection and obsession. Notice I didn’t say conjunct. The conjunctions in this case would be even more intense and obsessive. Squares are even worse, and some squares can actually indicate violence in your relationship.

Still yet, Pluto creates a powerful relationship and connection with whoever you have these aspects with. It can be scary, full of desire and transformational for all parties involved. These are the types of the relationships where you know that you will never be the same again. If you and someone else have this aspect, you can be sure that you are being challenged to face the shadow side of yourself for healing. The intense feelings of sexuality, jealousy, obsession, emotional highs and lows you may feel are all opportunities for you both to address those issues within yourself and heal them together. If you can do this together, rest assured that your relationship will pay in dividends for the rest of your life, even if you two don’t last.

Now that I’ve covered that, let’s talk about Pluto in the Houses

Pluto in 1st House Pluto here will make you radiate intensity. You may come off strong to others no matter how hard you try not to. The first house is ruled by the ascendant and with Pluto here it means you will have the power of manipulation and influence at your disposal. Others may be frequently intimidated by you and that means that you may find personal relationships difficult. This influence will find you always seeking to know if you are truly liked, or just admired for your strength and intensity. The key here is to remember that you have a strong aura and instead of trying to hide it, lean into it.

Pluto in 2nd House The second house is the house of business and financial talent, with Pluto here it can make you very possessive with money and materialistic. A common complaint of those in relationships with someone who has Pluto in the 2nd house is that at times they feel like they are being treated like a possession. Despite this, when it comes to building your financial wealth, your instincts are powerful. You must learn to follow them with this aspect. You have a knack for uncovering the place of hidden treasure. Think stocks, investments, real estate. You are the type that can actually buy an ugly house and turn around and sell it for millions, or buy the ugly house with millions hidden in its walls. Literally.

Pluto in 3rd House Having Pluto in the 3rd house will make you very observant and adept at getting to the truth. You will have the gift of research or being a private detective if you so please. Despite your knack for getting in other's business, you yourself will be very peculiar about your own sense of privacy. Third house Pluto will bestow upon you a very analytical mind that instinctively searches for hidden meanings and one that can instinctively find hidden truths.

Pluto in 4th House Pluto here can indicate difficulty at home while growing up. This would have caused certain psychological issues that will have to be healed during childhood. These experiences would have made you self-reserved and secretive even possibly ashamed or embarrassed of yourself, causing you to reject yourself at the core. If you have this aspect and are experiencing the above, a therapist can assist you with this. In fact, it is your challenge to resolve these issues so that you can find your hidden power. It is not uncommon that those who have this aspect also become therapists themselves.

Pluto in 5th House Having Pluto here can make the native intensely impulsive when it comes to all the pleasures this house represents. Love, money, safety, even more serious risks that can have detrimental impacts are all risks this native will be willing to take. Children will definitely have a significant role throughout your life. You will also likely have a magnetic personality but will be accused more often than not for being unreliable in love and relationships. Of all your endeavours, try to separate them from your Ego. This is where your hidden power will be found, not by attaching your Ego to your projects and impulses, but by realizing how your projects and the risks you want to take serve a purpose greater than yourself.

Pluto in 6th House Having Pluto here gives you the super power of hard work and determination. Though it may not seem like all that, this super power actually makes you more successful than most. The way to success isn’t paved with talent or ambition, it’s paved by those who know that faith without works is naught. Things to be concerned about is an obsession with exercise, diet and health. Self-improvement and alternative forms of health and therapies are a thing for you. Mainly because you will also be very private about these issues, always seeking ways to take control of the 6th house influences in your life without help from others.

Pluto in 7th House A 7th house Pluto makes the native intensely emotional in 1:1 relationships. It signifies having power struggles in your close relationships with lovers and even more so with enemies. It can even denote having to experience violence or abuse from either, but especially from the latter. The intense emotions go from one extreme to the next, making the 7th house Pluto person feel both desirous of a close partnership with others as well as resistant to them. Another aspect this can bring out: because this native is so drawn to intensity in relationships, it could make you actively seek out those who are jealous and obsessive or attract those who are just as intense, also adding to the intensity and danger of your close relationships. Fear not, though you may naturally bring out the primal instincts of others, this too is a superpower. Through the reflection of your close partnerships, and the acknowledgment that you are not just a victim, but a willing participant, you also find your own hidden power.

Pluto in 8th House This is where Pluto is found in my chart. It makes 8th house Pluto natives, very private with a lot of secrets. Some of my secrets are so taboo that even the darkest of you would clutch your pearls. Pluto manifests for me in terms of the very dark, desolately hidden and the occult. I have always had a very erotic and sensual aura. Men and women see it and it’s not always the greatest aspect to have, especially when you are a child. I have the childhood sexual trauma to accompany this aspect as well. You may read about this on my blog, should you dare. And in typical Pluto in 8th house fashion, I talk about suicide on that essay. So reader beware. I am actually an advocate for our right to commit suicide. This is all my Pluto in 8th house influence. Sorry, not sorry if I spend more words here.

Pluto in 8th house also makes me very adept at business and finance. I can make your money turn into gold and I’ve done that several times over and over for the various organizations I've worked. I’m great with other people’s money. Perhaps the most Pluto in 8th house job I have ever had was when I managed an escort agency in San Diego. When I was first hired, that agency was only making $8-$15k/month. My first year there, that agency topped out at $1.2million dollars net. At the end of my 4 year term with that company, they were making a net $2.65 million a year consistently. I just have the Midas touch.

When it comes to my current career, it is heavily influenced by this placement. Pluto in 8th house natives are natural psychologists, and my role as an Executive Coach allows me to do just that. Again, I take other people and make them better, and in this case I do it on a salary. This is all part of the influence that having Pluto in the 8th house has granted me. I don’t have to struggle to get clients like most coaches, I get paid to do it by an organization that sees value in having someone like me on board.

When it comes to the hidden power of having this influence, it’s all about helping others to get past their darkness. It’s about helping them to see that the darkness is needed for you to see the light. Often too many people think that they need to get a flash light, candle or street light in broad day light. So many people think this is doing something. I shine my light in the dark, so others can see and know they are not alone. And this too, is the influence of a Pluto in 8th house native.

Pluto in 9th House Having Pluto here can make the native obsessed and very intense about their education. You are the type that’s always learning and needs intellectual stimulation. But you don’t just want to learn out of ambition sake, you want to learn because you need to learn. On group projects you may kirk out if the team isn’t pulling their weight. You will take a teacher or professor to task if you think that they are half-assing their jobs teaching you. There is some expectation that travelling will also bring unusual experiences, meeting a shaman or some other kind of unusual cultural exchange at a gas station or some other place innocuous and unsuspecting of a spiritual realization. You are a person that loves to debate, just be wary and we all need to be wary of you, that this aspect can easily turn those debates into arguments. Though for you, an argument is one of the better pleasures of life. With Pluto here you love the passion of learning something new and defending your point of view, for others: not so much. They tend to leave the table licking their wounds.

Pluto in 10th House Have you ever met someone who just had this aura of notoriety and unfathomable ambition? Someone you knew you admired, but didn’t quite understand why, because you also didn’t really like them as well? Well that person was likely a Pluto in 10th house native. This aspect bestows upon the native a powerful presence and unstoppable ambition. As a result, this person is very successful at whatever they do. Natural born leaders, they are often admired, adored and people line up to do their bidding. The concerns here are that if the Ego is allowed to run rampant, this person can also find themselves involved in multiple power struggles with others, because there is always someone more adored and more powerful than you. It can take some time to corral the Ego, but when this is done, this native can find the admiration and success they desire, as well as, be able to share it with the friends and family they also secretly desire.

Pluto in 11th House Pluto here makes you very intense when it comes to your social circle. This placement makes you go from one extreme to the next of leaving your social circle to coming back to your social circle, or constantly changing your groups of friends. Power and control issues tend to arise when you try to be the leader of the group and control what they do. You are always seeking loyalty and you have a take me or leave me approach to this which often turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy where your closest friends do decide to leave you. You refuse to be a follower, which also puts your relationships at jeopardy with the group, because in groups, you have to often fall back and follow which does not come natural to you. This is impart because you actually have a deep need to rebel against groups of any kind. Group think is your biggest fear, however therein is where you will find your super power. Your goal is to find growth and healing centered on change for social justice, fairness and equity within organizations, communities and groups of all kinds. So instead of demanding loyalty and individuality at all costs, try sharing with others your thoughts on what equitable reciprocity can look like for people working together. Create groups centered around social change where everyone can still be an individual and diverse. Strive to show others how diversity makes us stronger, not weak.

Pluto in 12th House Having Pluto here makes the native secretive and somewhat of a social recluse. This influence can cause trust issues and extreme shyness and hesitancy when attempting to discuss emotions and being vulnerable with others. This is one of the most spiritual houses of Pluto however. This makes the native obsessed with peeling back the layers of your subconscious to find your spiritual center. Your dreams will be revealing and much psychological issues can be rehashed and even healed through your dreams. This native’s super power is healing others through your ability to understand them at a core level. There are latent healing powers here with these natives, that allows you to tune in to the vulnerabilities, and traumas that they may have hidden beneath the surface. A word of caution here, from one latent psychic to the other, most people don’t like it when you read their psychic mail. Especially, if you are right. You will find much resistance here to the things you say, IF you do not allow them to reveal in their own time what they want you to know. Another word of caution, and empty vessel cannot pour into others. So make sure you are taking the time to refill your own cup. Your constant empathy and giving to others will drain you. Your ultimate goal is to help others to be reborn as their higher selves, transcending their trauma and pain. But you cannot do so, until you learn to be reborn as well. With pluto in the 12th house, you will find that your rebirth is a constant process. Do not let this tire you out, you were built for this. However, if you do not take the time you need, even that will begin to fail you. Taking long baths and showers in the dark, getting light blocking curtains and listening to binaural beats for deep relaxation and meditation are all things that will help.

What’s Your Pluto Sign?

So Pluto is a generational planet and the sign that Pluto is in has very little meaning to me. However, I know that many of you would want to know this information. So, I am providing a very brief overview of what the planet would cause in the signs. Please note this will be the tropical interpretation of the generational years. To find the sidereal interpretation, you would read for the sign that precedes your actual generation.

Pluto in Aries Nobody alive has Pluto in Aries; it was last in this sign in 1853.

Pluto in Taurus Nobody alive has Pluto in Taurus; it was last in this sign in 1884.

Pluto in Gemini Nobody alive has Pluto in Gemini; it was last in this sign in 1913.

Pluto in Cancer Pluto was in Cancer between 1913 and 1938. Children who suffered disruptions to their home life and roots. Think all the wars.

Pluto in Leo Pluto was in Leo between 1938 and 1957. Wars and conflict but also the creation of the United Nations.

Pluto in Virgo Pluto was in Virgo between 1957 and 1971. Protests and social justice issues, also a budding interest in health and fitness.

Pluto in Libra Pluto was in Libra between 1971 and 1984. Sex, Drugs and Rock and roll. The generation born to revamp how we do relationships.

Pluto in Scorpio Pluto was in Scorpio between 1984 and 1995. Spirituality and the occult are now taking a stronghold in our psyche.

Pluto in Sagittarius Pluto was in Sagittarius between 1995 and 2008. Challenging corrupt institutions.

Pluto in Capricorn Pluto arrived in Capricorn in 2008 and will stay until 2023. Tearing down the way we used to do things. Introduction of the divine feminine. Down with patriarchy.

Pluto in Aquarius Nobody alive has Pluto in Aquarius; the planet was last here in 1798 and won’t arrive again until 2024. Revamp the way we use technology. Depending on the aspects, it could be a tightening or a loosening of all tech laws.

Pluto in Pisces Nobody alive has Pluto in Pisces; the planet was last here in 1823 and won’t arrive again until 2044.

Let me know what you think!

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