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Pluto stay trying to change me, and I love it!

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Haven't been motivated to do anything astrology related all year. Honestly, I've been avoiding everything on social media for a few months. So, I'm back to astrology, looking for messages from our solar system, and we've got a few different conversations happening in our skies right now.


Surprise! Surprise! We're in retrograde season all year. Here's a quick and dirty run down:

  • Three Mercury retrogrades this year, the next one is June 18th. If you're reading this before then, it's not too late to start prepping. Start by paying attention. Be observant now of the synchronicities, coincidences, conflicts etc. that are popping up in your life. This is where your lessons will be focused during the mercury retrograde.

  • Venus goes retrograde in Gemini: beware of old lovers coming back, or look to areas of finance/income, past emotional wounds. Venus is the planet of love, values, and intimacy and with it in Gemini, you will be thinking a lot about your ideas and belief systems around love and prosperity. This occurs May 13th to June 25, 2020. Shadow period lasts until about July 25th.

Keep in mind, if old lovers do come back, it’s rarely to get back together.
  • Mars retrogrades in September to mid-November. This period will ask us to look at the way we internalize anger and desire. Learning new ways to manage stress and conflict, paying attention to how it affects your drive and ambition, will be useful in reviewing your past actions and connecting them to your current circumstance. A great question to ask during this rx: how did you fare during times of anger and conflict? The 6-8 months prior will give you an idea of what issues will come up for review. If you are reading this in June, you can begin collecting insight to prep for these end of year lessons. Sex drive may also be affected.

  • Jupiter retrogrades late May to September 12th. This will be a time to slow down and re-evaluate any new ventures that comes across your path. Judge old ventures swiftly by applying a viable and non-viable category. Good questions to ask yourself before making any decisions: do I have all the information I need to make this decision? Is this gold or glitter?

  • Saturn retrogrades May 14th to September 28th. This will be a time for working through any lingering daddy issues. This needs to be done to start prepping for the last season of change this year: when everything goes direct around October. Saturn will ask you to review the sturdiness of your foundations, while making sure you are devoting practice and self-discipline to achieve your goals. Actions to perform during this period: double check everything. Especially any plans to complete goals. Test all the plans, theories, assumptions.

  • Uranus retrogrades, August to January 2021. This cycle is asking you to look at yourself and your inner dialogues. Questions to ask during this period: Are you who you want to be? Or, are you a rebel without a cause? Or maybe it's just for clout? Regardless of how you get here, this is a great time to study current events, specifically around, scientific and technological developments. This is an opportunity to consider our individual impact on community and what that means to our life purpose.

  • Neptune retrogrades, June to November 28th. This is a great time to dive into healing work and creative projects. The usual rosy shades of Neptune are turned inward making this a great time to solidify a meditation practice and set clearer boundaries. Use this energy to create something you love. Actions to put in place during this time: a solid and consistent mental wellness routine.

  • Pluto retrogrades, April 25th to October 4th. This is a time to do your shadow work. This is a collective time to delve into fears, doubts and limiting beliefs. It is a time to protect your energy from things that steal your joy, and protect your space from people and toxins that can steal your wellness. This energy actually supports projecting your own issues unto others as a means for self-discovery and transformation. Take a minute to let that sink in. There is no time greater to do this work than now. (see below for optional side work)

In short, All the planets go retrograde this year! Yay!!!!

There are also 6 eclipses this year. All signifying releasing and letting go of beliefs, foundations and structures that no longer serve us.


Now to our most challenging aspects this year:

We’ve got Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto having extended conversations in our skies all 2020, including Capricorn eclipses.

Saturn is the planet of structure, karmic lessons, self-discipline, delaying instant gratification for a goal, and rules Capricorn. Pluto is the planet of death, rebirth, transformation, the shadow self and rules Scorpio. Pluto and Saturn together in 2020, supports the break down of group structures that no longer serve the collective and those internal structures that no longer serve the individual.

What makes it even more tiring, is that Pluto and Saturn are both in Capricorn this year. For added insight, Pluto first entered Capricorn in 2008 and that immediately signaled the dismantling of the housing and banking markets. For the last 12 years, Pluto has literally been running amok in our shadows, and is now taking center stage... AND that's also part of what we're all experiencing right now.

Capricorn is the sign of work ethic, social structure, law, civilization. Saturn and Pluto here will require us to do our shadow work by creating structure. All organizations and institutions that no longer serve us will also be put up for review by the collective during this time.

A lot of what we are seeing now is the fight between releasing the limiting beliefs and systems that no longer serve us vs us holding on to the comfort of being powerless.

This energy will continue to twist inward towards the self until about June 2020. As we transition out of May, we'll be a few weeks into the Venus retrograde and that turns us inward to look at how we love.

Gentle reminder: the Mercury retrograde is around the corner on June 18th. If you are reading this before then, grab a journal. Become observant as the big YOU in your every day activities. Make note of the areas where you have conflict, frustration, synchronicities, etc. These are the areas where you will find your lessons this next Mercury retrograde season.

As we move past June, we begin to see and hear conversations from the public domain that create opportunities to support the collective on either a local or global scale. This energy will continue to inspire us to rebirth for the next year and a half. Keep in mind, with Saturn in Capricorn, it is like a teacher that is going to check your work on all math problems. If you don’t do the work, you will continue to experience areas of tension even after June.

IF, you have done the work, you will be rewarded with resilience. Jupiter's retrograde, happens through the lens of Pluto, the Phoenix, expect an escalation of Pluto's energy here. As we see in current events, this energy is and has been amplifying Death and Transformation all over the world. Jupiter rx will also ask you to individually slow down. Coupled with Venus rx , this energy mandates you practice patience when making decisions about: the way you love, earn your money, as well as, place value on things and ideas.

This will be an excellent time for studying and, expanding your knowledge as you strategize and set goals.

Stay away from making any important decisions as the additional information you need, is always revealed after a retrograde. Just because it seems important right now, does not mean it will be important after rx motion.

The good thing about all of this is that most of this energy goes direct at the end of September. This is when we start to feel a real release of restrictions. By the end of this extraordinary year, we will be more integrated, whole and self-aware and this directly supports our collective consciousness. This is due to changes occurring on a cellular level for all of us this year.

In conclusion, this year is all about intense, transformative change, death and consequently, rebirth. Our greatest lessons will be around surrender. Surrendering to death and an actual "dying" has to occur in some way for all of us this year. Pluto is asking us to find the courage to go to the depths of our darkness, transmute that energy and pull our more authentic selves out. All of us will experience these energies in some way, whether it’s physical death, destruction, breaking through energetic barriers, releasing attachments, all of the above or more. With the Neptune rx also coming up at the end of June, all signs point to a reckoning. One that forces us to assess our dreams and ambitions and release that which no longer serves us. Literally, every planet goes retrograde this year, consider it a spring cleaning of the soul.


Optional Side Work

Materials needed:

A way to journal answers

In order for change to occur, stuff that is, has to die.

Change, death and karmic lessons have been communing with each other for a year and a half now. What we’re seeing is a culmination of all that planetary work.

Change is still an individual process however. Where you may be practicing your new found resiliency, others are just becoming aware of the need to change.

Protecting your energy requires you to do shadow work. Here are a few questions, you can ask yourself. Make sure to journal these answers as you work through the root causes.

Ask yourself:

- What am I afraid of?

- What am I pretending is not true?

- What do I wish were true?

From the answers to the above, find and focus on two things that you want to achieve, then answer:

- What’s my current state for implementing change?

- What needs to change and why?

Finally ask yourself: Are you ready to practice the discipline necessary to exact those changes from your consciousness?

If yes, commit and set goals. There are many ways to do this. I use tactics and action steps.

For example: I set a goal to walk 30 miles a week. I create at least 3 tactics.

Tactic 1: Walk at least 6 miles each day, and at least 6 days a week.

Tactic 2: Track my mileage.

Tactic 3: Create a perfect schedule.

Next, I add action steps, at least 2-3 per tactic.

Tactic 1: Walk at least 6 miles each day, and at least 6 days a week

Action Step 1: Plan a route using a reliable GPS tracker

Action Step 2: Make sure that I plan a route that is at least 6.5 miles to help add overage.

Action Step 3: Buy comfortable walking shoes and gear.

Once you have created your tactical playbook, find someone you trust and ask them to hold you accountable. This can easily be done by adding due dates to your tactics and action steps. Then blog, write, talk to others about your experience – share the luv :-).

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