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Why do I think you care about my thoughts? Thots? Thanos?

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

I don't actually.

I've been torn between writing to the world, and writing to myself. I'm a writer, a poet, a trainer, an executive coach, a mother and everything in between. I write and I talk a lot. I also create awesome training content (that's what I'd like to believe anyways) and in my day job, I help people become better versions of themselves. I think I'm pretty good at it too, all I know is that in a world where not many people know their purpose, *this* feels right to me. I LOVE what I do. I'm probably not so good at punctuations though. I'm pretty sure that using the word "punctuation" is my first punctuation mistake *rolls eyes.

I have a lot to say and I want a place to say it. That's it pretty much. I mean, there's more too...obvi!

I've been writing before I realized that what I was doing was creative. I grew up in Jamaica, and well, really, with only one TV station that came on at 5am and was off by 10a, then back on from 5pm to midnight... there wasn't much that I had left to do as a young gyal chile.

Ok, that's kind of a lie. I write about this too. Lies, that is.

Actually, I wrote my first story about a class of students who were on a field trip flying over somebody's ocean, when...OH NO!!!! The plane malfunctions and has to make an emergency landing!!!! They all make it to a deserted island and the shenanigans ensue. My first story, at age 8. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO IT???

You're not gonna believe it......

My dog ate it.

No seriously, THAT'S not a lie. Tara. That's her name. She ate my story, that I wrote in pencil, on one of those lined exercise books. you all have those in the states?

Why did I start telling this story? Oh wait, now I remember...yeah, I've been writing a LONG time and feeling the frustrations of writing and not being able to finish, or writer's block, or losing all my work to the dog, my own carelessness, the hallways of Dunbar High School in Washington, DC and all the states (7) and cities (18) I've ever lived in.

It says it right on the homepage- I'm beautifully intense... and I hope that if you've read this far, that you find something interesting, entertaining or at least that me sharing my stories, shame, vulnerabilities, fears, loves and journey, helps anyone who may read this, helps ME, to become a better person.

I'll be writing about love and relationships, astrology, the human condition, communication, my sadness. I'll be sharing my poems and short stories too... I will talk about my relationship with suicide and depression...this is where I'll share those parts of me that no one else gets to see. I've always been a lone wolf, and as I get older, I have this pressing need to share myself somehow. I just don't want to transcend and leave this plane, without being seen. *le sigh* don't we all?

So, I guess I'm ready to begin....

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